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Breast Lift Surgery

By on December 16, 2016

Breasts can change over time. While they were once perky and firm, now they hang loose. They may sag or droop. Some women call this deflation. Sometimes women may decide they want bigger breasts or fuller breasts, or a larger cup size. Cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lifts, and cosmetic implants can change a woman’s breast shape and size. This is a huge decision, and not something to rush into or to do for someone else. But if you’ve made up your mind to have cosmetic breast surgery, make sure you get the facts.

Information on Breast Lift Surgery and Costs
A breast lift or mastopexy can be done for a number of reasons including:

to lift sagging, pendulous, flattened or droopy breasts
to deal with hanging breasts after weight loss or bariatric surgery
to make the breasts more firm, higher or perkier
to counter the loss of breast elasticity due to age and gravity
to lift drooping breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding
to make the areolas smaller (the areola is the colored area around the nipple).
to lift the nipples (nipples can be repositioned on their own or as part of augmentation or breast reduction) or make the nipples point ahead instead of pointing downward
to even up the size of both breasts, if one has dropped more than the other
Breast lift surgery can remove excess skin, tighten the skin, firm the breasts, and reshape the breast contours. This is, of course, more than could be accomplished with a brassiere. Many women have a breast lift because they want younger looking breasts, breasts that are more taut and firm, or more perky. A breast lift will not change the size of the breasts. For that you would need augmentation or cosmetic implants. A breast lift will also not make the breasts significantly smaller. For that, you would want breast reduction or reduction mammoplexy.

Types of breast lift surgery and costs
This is considered to be very major surgical procedure. So give a lot of thought to whether or not you really need this. You may need several weeks to recover from breast lift surgery. Cost depends on the type of surgery. Different types of breast lift procedures include:

lollipop breast lift – in this mastopexy procedure, skin is removed on the lower part of the breast and around the areola. This breast lift procedure results in a circular scar with a thin line that will extend from the circle and down the middle of the breast.
crescent breast lift – in this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon removes a crescent-shaped section of breast tissue right above the areola. This surgery will result in a small scar around the areola that looks like an anchor.
donut breast lift – This is also called circumareolar mastopexy (Benelli). It basically removes a circular piece of tissue around the areola.
The cost of a breast lift starts at $1000. A breast lift combined with cosmetic implants will cost more. The cost of a combination lift and implant surgery can start at several thousand dollars. A breast lift may also be combined with breast reduction surgery or other procedures such as liposuction. Breast surgery can also be part of a larger procedure called an upper body lift, which includes an arm lift. Your surgeon will try to place the incision in an area that will minimize how much the scar will show. You should discuss cost with your surgeon prior to planning for the cosmetic procedure. Cost may be affected by whether or not you are having any other procedures done, such as tummy tuck surgery or neck and face lift surgery.

As with any procedure like this, there are issues to consider, including the possibility of infections, reactions to anesthesia, scars, numbness and others. Right after surgery, there will be pain and swelling, and you generally would wear a surgical bra. After, it may take over a month for swelling to improve. During this time, you may need a special brassiere or sports bra.

Breast enlargement surgery and cost | Breast cosmetic implants
Cosmetic breast enlargement or augmentation (also called augmentation mammaplasty) with cosmetic implants is done to get bigger breasts, in other words a larger cup size. An incision can be made in the crease under the breasts, in the underarm or around the areola (the darker colored skin around the nipple) You will need to discuss your options with your surgeon to decide where the incision should be done to reduce visible scarring. You will also need to discuss the size of the implants you want. For example, if you are an A-cup bra size, you may want to go to a larger B-cup or C-cup bra size. Some women want even larger breasts, such as a D-cup, but most surgeons advise women to keep their breasts in proportion with the rest of their body. The amount of increase will affect the cost. Ask to see before-and-after photos of women with the same body type as yourself. The implants are placed through the incision, either beneath the chest wall muscle or directly behind the breast tissue over the chest muscle. Implants can be pre-filled, or they can be inserted and then filled during the actual surgery. This will also impact the cost of the breast augmentation. There are different types of breast implants:

Saline implants – these are filled with sterile salt water. The amount of saline will determine how large they are, and also how they feel. Saline implants can leak. The shape of the saline implants can be round or teardrop shaped. The surface can be smooth or textured.
Silicone implants – these are filled with an elastic gel. The material is the same that is used for other body areas such as buttock implants. Implants are also used in lip enhancement and chin augmentation. The shape of the silicone breast implants can be round or teardrop shaped. The surface can be smooth or textured. Silicone implants can leak. It is essential that you visit your plastic surgeon regularly to make sure the silicone implants are not leaking and have not collapsed.
Breast augmentation will not correct drooping breasts, or breasts that sag. For that you would need a breast lift. A breast lift can be combined with breast implants. Again, the implants can be filled with silicon or saline.

As with any surgery, there are problems to consider. These include the risk of infections, possible reactions to anesthesia, numbness, scars and other concerns. Following a breast augmentation, there is pain and swelling. talk to your doctor about special bras, and avoiding strenuous activities for at least a few months. Be aware that implants can affect your mammogram results and there are many health concerns about implants. Risks include infection, poor healing, leaks, anesthesia issues, clotting, pain, and loss of sensation. Implants may also need to be removed.

The cost of breast augmentation with implants starts at $6000. The cost depends on your surgeon, your location, the type of implant and the increase in size that you want to achieve.

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