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How to Find the Best Air Fryer under $100

June 10, 2017

Why are fryers being hot commodities right now, they don’t have to be expensive. There are tons of expensive, high end air fryers out there- don’t get us wrong- but some of these are actually very economically priced.

Consumers simply don’t know about a lot of the good deals that are available, and they may fall for the advertising from the bigger companies with the more expensive air fryers. They may also believe the hype that they need all the extra features and bells and whistles that that most expensive and high-end air fryers come with, but that’s not always true. Some people will do best with a very simple, very affordably priced air fryer.

In order to find the best air fryer under $100, we want to direct consumers to resources like this one: best air fryer under $100. This is a site that lists some of the best air fryers on the market. It doesn’t stick to just the most expensive and fully featured ones. It offers an eclectic list that caters to consumers from the entire budgetary perspective. Not everyone has a lot of money to spend on an air fryer. Some people just want a way to cook their food healthy and to enjoy meals that aren’t soaked in grease.

Air fryers are great alternatives to conventional oil frying methods, as they require very little oil, and sometimes no oil at all. Still, they cook the food completely and perfectly when used correctly, and the user can enjoy food that is far healthier than what they would get with conventional frying methods. They also make less mess and are easier to clean up, which makes them ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on cooking and cleaning up afterwards.

The list above details a few different air fryers, all priced differently. The Avalon Bay air fryer is one that sticks out a very economically priced machine (currently selling for under $90) but with plenty of features and a great pedigree for quality and durability. This is just one of many great air fryers for under $100, and we urge consumers to look at the resources available on the site listed above to help them determine who has the best deals and which fryer will save them the most money while still giving them the features and quality level they need.

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